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  The WRJ-Ag-ROX EO Water Equipment™
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The WRJ-Ag-ROX EO Water Equipment™

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Through a patented process, water and salt/sodium (H2O + NaCl) receive an electrical charge which divides the salt water into positive (acid) and negative (alkaline) charged water. The alkaline water [NaOH, at approximately 11.4 pH and -870 mV oxygen/reduction potential (ORP)] emulsifies oil, fat and grease. The acidic water (HCI + NOCl, at approximately 2.6 pH and +1100 mV) produces an unfriendly environment for most bacteria, fungus, mold and yeast and many viruses. Bacteria generally grow in a pH range of 4 to 9; Aerobic bacteria require positive ORP (Oxidized) of +200 to +800 mV; Anaerobic bacteria require negative ORP (Reduced) of -40 mV to -400 mV to grow.

The WRJ-Ag-ROX™ EO water is more effective than quats, iodofors, peracetic acid and bleach for cleaning and disinfecting. It is safer than chlorine dioxide, and less costly than chemical, ozone or other antimicrobial technologies and products and will not irritate skin.

Attach the equipment to water softeners and water, connect to electricity, mix table salt to the prescribed dilute, turn on the equipment, adjust the settings, and you are ready to produce alkaline and acidic cleaning and sterilizing water with absolutely NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS.

The alkaline (high pH) water produced from the WRJ-Ag-ROX™ is classified as an A1 cleaning compound, and works very well in conjunction with The Cleaner Answer®. University studies also indicate that, depending on existing water pH, the alkaline water has potential when added (1-6%) to the drinking water as a strong antioxidant and detoxifier, and to reduce surface tension for the increase in nutrient absorption.

Due to its very high oxidation/reduction potential (ORP,) WRJ-Ag-ROX™ acidic (low pH) water (The Disinfectant Answer®) provides more than 30 times the antimicrobial efficacy than sodium hypochlorite solutions. When ORP is greater than 650 millivolts, most pathogens are killed on contact. The ORP of the WRJ-Ag-ROX™ acidic water is greater than 1100 millivolts and is classified as a D2, which requires no fresh water rinsing after sanitizing.

The WRJ-AG-ROX™ equipment is easy and cost effective to operate and maintain. Installation is easy but directions should be followed precisely and standard plumbing and electrical codes and safeguards should be followed. Existing water pH and suspended solids may require the installation of an additional water softener.

WRJ-Ag-ROX EO equipment: Approximate dimensions = 13"w x 13"h x 15"d.

Additional package for water softener and additional connection may vary in size.

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