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OMRI Announces New Contracts with the USDA
(October 15, 2012)
The USDA has contracted with OMRI to complete two critical projects for the organic industry. Once again, OMRI was chosen to produce a list of substances allowed in organic production, this time focusing on livestock materials. The list will be published by the National Organic Program (NOP) as a draft guidance. At the same time, the NOP has contracted with OMRI as one of several businesses eligible to Full Story

Organic Produce and the Validity
of Organic Food Studies

If your kid goes to Stanford University, you no doubt proudly sport the bumper sticker on your SUV; after all, the name "Stanford" carries a lot of panache. The school is considered a place where the intellectually elite congregate to deduce brilliant things. But, when researchers at Stanford went to the press with the conclusion that organic food isn't really any better than conventional food, they cast doubt on just how smart they are at Stanford after all.Full Story

Congratulations to Katherine DiMatteo, the new elected President of the World Board of IFOAM. DiMatteo, senior associate at Wolf, Dimatteo & Associates, served as executive director of the OTA from 1990 to 2006.

Congratulations to OMRI for receiving their ISO 65 designation after 3 years of hard work! Full Story

CCOF Achieves Half Million Acres of
Certified Organic Production

Congratulations to CCOF on achieving half million acres of CCOF Certified Organic Production!
EC&S is proud to support their efforts. Full Story

Wind Source Program