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   Human Wellness

All indications are that Human Wellness is directly and indirectly related to the “wellness” of everything else: Maybe Human Wellness should be called ‘Environmental Synergy” since where we work, where we live, where we play, what we eat, what we drink, what we breath, and even what we think and feel all become part of the ‘soup’ to sustain life.

Problems arise, however, when one or more of these ingredients is ‘bad’ and doesn’t set well: Our system becomes toxic, ill, out of balance. Even our very cells start to loose their energy and integrity, or reverse polarity, as in cancer.

Our job should not be to ‘get well;’ Our job should be to maintain wellness.

Though we cannot control every aspect of our environments, we can work to maintain the cellular strength and electrical energy that help to naturally ward off illness causing pathogens and cell destroying sicknesses.

To this end, Environmental Care & Share provides …

Vita-Min-Zyme™ -
A synergistically formulated and balanced blend of…

  • Low-molecular weight, water soluble trace mineral electrolyte (such as included in selective fulvic acid.) Remember, not all fulvic is created equal.
  • Organic vitamins.
  • Naturally occurring digestive enzymes.
  • Organic Silica and calcium transformation.
Always consult your EC&S product Distributor for the latest information.

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