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   Frequently Asked Questions
Soil/Crops   |   Animals/Livestock
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Soils / Crops
  1. What research has been completed to show why I should purchase The Answer® products?

  2. Can I decrease my normal fertilizer inputs when using The Answer® products?

  3. Forage quality becomes more important for ruminants including equine. Can I depend on improved nutritional analysis from forage produced from the use of The Answer® products?

  4. After a few years of stimulating microbial life with your products, will I need to continue their use?

  5. You think and talk differently than most fertilizer suppliers. How are you different?

  6. Will The Answer® products mix with liquid fertilizer?

  7. What is the average cost/acre for using The Answer® products?

  8. Does soil microbial life have an effect on soil pH?

  9. Which of the three crop products can be used with herbicides, fungicides or insecticides?

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Animals / Livestock
  1. Enzymes have been used for years in some livestock and bird operations, what is special about Livestock Answer®?

  2. Under what feeding situations is feeding Livestock Answer® most effective and profitable?

  3. How can I be sure that Livestock Answer® is working or mixed well with the ration?

  4. What effect does Livestock Answer® have on manure odors including ammonia?

  5. On the 25 lb bag, the recommendation is to feed 2.5 lb/ton of ration. Why are you recommending 1.25 lb/ton to 4 lb/ton?

  6. How can I prove to myself fast, that Livestock Answer® works on my animals?

  7. What benefits do customers observe most easily?

  8. Can 1.25 pounds/ton be thoroughly mixed in a farm mixer?

  9. If I have a buildup of manure solids on the lagoon or pit floor, will the addition of Livestock Answer® to the feed ration digest those manure solids?

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