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Environmental Care and Share, Inc. (EC&S, Inc.) specializes in solving environmentally sensitive cleaning, cleanup and bio-remediation issues for its corporate clients.

At EC&S, Inc. we manufacture a full line of high quality, cost-effective and environmentally safe cleaning products for our nationwide and international dealer network.

Our dealers count on us to supply them with powerful and effective, yet non-toxic, products for Bio-remediation, odor control and cleaning.

These breakthrough products are ideal for serving the needs while being completely safe and gentle for people and the environment, and ready to use straight from the bottle.

What makes these multi-surface cleaners so special is their proprietary blend of electrolyzed and oxidative water and surfactants. These clean with a GREEN technology that lifts and traps dirt molecules for easy removal. There is no need for protective gloves, clothing or respirators.

The Cleaner Answer® products have been tested at an independent lab and have proven to be comparable (or better) in cleaning effectiveness to standard chemical cleaners. Yet they are totally non-toxic, sustainable and safe for daily use. These unscented formulas are ideal for people who are chemically sensitive, or for those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

The Cleaner Answer® line of cleaning products sets the benchmark for environmentally safe products of the highest quality and efficacy.

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