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Our mission is to do our best to help
remove hazardous and toxic
substances from the human food
chain in an effort to promote wellness
for all living things. To do so, we
strive to provide safe, effective,
versatile, and bottom-line friendly
products from which people can choose.

The development of Environmental Care & Share, Inc. started from the ground up – literally. President William Jackson’s interest in healthy soil and safe products began as a child raised in a small farm community of Idaho where he had watched his Grandfather's two horses plow a field that would now require a huge tractor; Vice President Lynn De Vaney’s interest was heightened when her daughter taught school in the farming area of California’s Central Valley where incidences of ADD (Attention Defecit Disorder) and other similar disorders were higher for the children of farm workers than for other children. Both recognize the problems being caused by the overuse of inorganic chemical salt fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, hormones and antibiotics.

Both became determined to help renew the soil, improve crop production, and help remove harmful chemicals from the human food chain. The environments of birds, animals, and humans needed some care and there were problems that needed some answers.

Two of Dr. Jackson’s books, HUMIC, FULVIC and MICROBIAL BALANCE: ORGANIC SOIL CONDITIONING and ENVIRONMENTAL CARE & SHARE, set the stage for the development of products that give users safe alternatives to the toxic and hazardous chemicals in common use.

Our products are designed to work synergistically with the other products in that particular group, and to be versatile enough to work well with products in other groups. For this reason, you may see the same product used in several different applications.

Ellen Hall, our Accountant and Order Desk Manager, joined us in 2002.

Jerry Liechti, warehouseman, joined us in 2005.

We will continue to put our efforts into providing the consumer with safe, effective, and bottom-line-friendly products.


William R. Jackson, Ph.D.,Sc.D., Chairman of the Board
Born and raised in an Idaho farm community, Dr. Jackson is an author, educator, researcher and entrepreneur. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Denver, completed post doctoral study at the Stanford University Advanced Management College, and was involved in hazardous and toxic substance reduction research at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, TX. He has traveled through Canada, Europe, China and Mexico to research agriculture, animal, human health, and environmental issues and their possible solutions, and recently reformulated EC&S products to insure their compliance with organic and safe-product requirements.
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William R. Jackson, Ph.D.,Sc.D. - Complete Biography

James Jackson, President
“Jim” holds two Masters Degrees in education, is a licensed Real Estate Broker with an emphasis on rental management, and holds a 2nd degree Black Belt in the art of Kung Fu. After teaching for 13 years and devoting 22 years to school administration as Assistant Principle, he has brought his ’talents’ in discipline, negotiation, and management to Environmental Care & Share.
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Lynn M. DeVaney, Vice President
Ms. De Vaney has helped establish, organize and manage companies for over 30 years as well as co-owning a business with her husband since 1972. She has worked with Dr. Jackson for over 25 years and holds a certificate in Non-Profit Management from University of California-Hayward.
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